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Service Level Agreement

To properly claim your SLA credit that is due, you must open a ticket to the Service Level Agreements department located in our client area within 7 days of the outage unless otherwise specified.

You must include the service type, primary domain, contact information, and a full description of the service interruption including logs if applicable.

The SLA claim will then be researched by the management team and the credit will be issued accordingly. SLA credits are issued as additional funding credit in your client area which will get the credit added onto your next due invoice in the billing cycle and is unable to be turned into real currency.

Server & Services Credit Tier

Our SLA credit tier for server downtime is as follows:

99.9% - guaranteed
99.8% - 5% credit (average downtime of 1 hr)
99.7% - 5% credit
99.6% - 7% credit (average downtime of 2 hrs)
99.5% - 7% credit
99.4% - 10% credit
99.3% - 10% credit
99.2% - 12% credit
99.1% - 12% credit (average downtime of 4 hrs)
99.0% - 15% credit
< 99% - will be credited differently pending on how long the servers were down for and may be automatically credited to you depending on how long services are down for.

Services failure e.g. DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, etc. will be credited differently pending on how long the services were unavailable for.

You are unable to claim for SLA credit if the downtime was scheduled or if the server and/or services were going slow and/or experiencing high traffic.

To check the server load, please login to the cPanel/WHM and take a look at the server load in the service status area or load averages in the WHM. If they are reasonably high (above 5.00 or more), please wait 30 minutes and try again later. If after 30 minutes, you are still experiencing problems, please submit a support ticket.

Support Ticket Response Guarantee

We guarantee to have your ticket initially answered within 12 hours, and have it completely resolved within 48 hours of receiving the last response from you. This is subject to change as, and when, more staff are available to help you out, or unless otherwise specified e.g. limited support availability, etc.

By signing up to our services, you agree to all of the above terms, and that they are subject to change with or without any prior notice, so it is your responsibility to check them regularly for updates.