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Privacy Policy

Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting collects and uses your personal information to operate and improve its sites and services. These uses may include providing you with more effective customer service, making the site and/or services easier to use and performing research and analysis aimed at improving our services.

We also use your personal information to communicate with you. We may send certain mandatory service communications such as welcome emails, billing reminders, information on technical issues, and security announcements.

Additionally, we may also occasionally send you product surveys or promotional mailings to inform you of other products or services available from Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting.

Personal information collected on the Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting website may be stored and processed in the United Kingdom where our management is located, the US where our server is located or any other country in which Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting, it's affiliates, or service providers maintain facilities. Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting is in full compliance of the Data Protection Act.

By visiting contents on Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting we, like most websites, collect extra information, which may include IP addresses and other information sent by your web browser, info that is sent openly to every website you browse, and not just us. We may also track your location and viewing habit via cookies and session id's. Also, your IP address is stored when you register and login to our client area.

Required Personal Information

We ask you to provide personal information, such as your e-mail address, name, postal address, postcode (zip code) and telephone number in our client area. We may also collect demographic information, such as your age, gender, preferences, interests and favourites, etc.

If you choose to make a purchase, we will also ask for additional information, such as your paypal e-mail address, of which is used to pay your invoices to use our hosting services.

In order to access some areas of the Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting website, you will be asked to sign in with a username and/or e-mail address along with a password. These are the details you entered or received when you joined at that part of the Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting website you were visiting.

Sharing of Your Personal Information & Domain names

Except as described in this statement, we will not disclose your personal information or domain names outside of Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting and its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates without your consent. We do not share your contact information with third parties for any reason.

We may require the sharing of personal information with the respective authorities of countries, and any internationally recognised authorities that may require information for further investigation.

We restrict all your personal information to the Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting Staff only. Any payment information will only be viewable to the directors of Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting and/or other staff members that require it to help with your customer service.

We will only ever ask you for information through the client area (support tickets) and/or emails from the department followed by e.g. installations[at]bannerlessfreewebhosting[dot]com or support[at]bannerlessfreewebhosting[dot]com.

Individual staff should not have a reason to contact you personally from their staff email for personal information, as everything should be done via support ticket. Should you receive an email from a member you staff and you wish to confirm they are a staff member and are legit, then please contact us via email at: staffing[at]bannerlessfreewebhosting[dot]com or you can submit a support ticket to the staffing management department from your client area by clicking here.

By signing up to our services, you agree to all of the above terms, and that they are subject to change with or without any prior notice, so it is your responsibility to check them regularly for updates.