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Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting and thanks for considering us for your host! All we ask in return is that you follow a few simple rules & regulations. So please be sure you have read, and understood, all the terms and conditions below.

Clients who do not follow the terms and conditions, could find their entire website, reseller or server account entirely suspended and/or terminated, with or without any prior notice, including your clients websites. The interpretation of these guidelines is at the sole discretion of Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting.

Client Registration

Each client is restricted to one client account. Registering multiple accounts will result in all your services being suspended and/or terminated. You may add as many additional contacts & sub-accounts as you like from within the client area.

General Server Usage

Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting is a shared hosting environment meaning that our server resources must be evenly distributed to everyone's hosting accounts on the server therefore, each site has the ability to impact the performance of other sites hosted on the server. This means that any hosting account on the server using too many resources (exceeding the limits as stated below) may be suspended.

General server usage means that you operate a website that utilizes resources in a manner similar to most of our other clients. For example, the system requirements of large websites are not equal to those of smaller websites and their resource requirements would not be considered normal for our server. Another example would be the storage of large numbers of video or audio files that may be associated with a site, but require more resources to support than a normal personal or business website would.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to run any shell daemons, or compile anything under your account without direct permission from the Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting management. Shell access is meant to be used solely with basic file system usage.

Bandwidth & Disk Space Usage

"un-metered" or "unlimited" refers to plans that there are no set limits on the disk space or bandwidth that we provide in plans marked "un-metered" or "unlimited". These plans are designed for those clients who have an ever growing site and do not wish to have to worry about running out of space or bandwidth.

Still, we do need to be sure that we're providing all of our clients with optimum service. As such, we do require all clients to utilize disk space and bandwidth related to the normal operation as much as possible to ensure that resources are evenly distributed to all clients and resellers on the server.

While it is rare, we may need to put constraints on accounts that are adversely affecting other clients or otherwise utilizing or abusing resources beyond what would be expected of a personal or business website.

An average personal or business site should be using about 1GB disk space and about 10GB monthly bandwidth. So when creating your plans, please think about sensible disk space and bandwidth amounts for your plans and don't go over the top if you are reselling your space, even though we do have overselling enabled on our plans. For example, offering plans with 500GB Disk Space & bandwidth is very irresponsible, as it is highly unlikely your clients will use that amount of space & bandwidth and that amount will actually be available on the server you are on.

If you are after reselling "un-metered" or "unlimited" disk space & bandwidth, please contact us or your hosting provider using our services for a quote. Once payment is confirmed, we will then enable it on your reseller account, subject to this policy.

CPU, Memory, Inodes, Process & Backup Restrictions

All accounts on the Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting servers are subject to a CPU, memory processes & Inodes limit and are monitored for usage to ensure every account is getting their fair share of resources, and are not overloading the server. In the event that these limits may be reached, we will contact you with more information regarding what is causing it and request you to lower the usage. Failure to do so, will result in an account suspension.

Direct clients of Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting are also subject to an abuse meter restriction system. If you receive more than 20 alerts in 24 hours, you will be alerted about the excessive resource usage, and will be requested to lower your usage. Failure to do so, resulting in 40 or more alerts within 48 hours, will result in an account suspension.

The Restrictions are as follows:
Maximum Inodes Limit: 40,000
Maximum Inodes Limit to allow backup generation: 20,000
Maxmium Processes allowed to run: 40
Maximum CPU Usage: 100% (1 CPU Processor)
Maximum Memory Usage: 25%

From within the cPanel, you can see how many processes you are running, and see the list of Inodes on your account, and where they are. One file is equivalent to one Inode, so if your Inodes limit is rather high, you may wish to look though your account to find out where the high usage is, and review your files in your folders, to see if there are any unused files present that you may have forgotten to delete.

Large hosting accounts will take longer to generate the server side backup, so accounts which continuously hang up the backup process when running, will be removed from the automatic backup system. Should you require a backup, please contact our support department to schedule a manual backup.

Any hosting accounts on resellers overloading the server will be suspended by one of the Bannerlessfreewebhosting Hosting server technicians and we will then inform the reseller about the suspension. The reseller should then inform the account owner to take the appropriate action on the account. Failure to do so will result on the account being root lock suspended, and then later terminated.

Email Restrictions

All accounts are allowed to send no more than 100 emails an hour, per domain. This setting was introduced to stop spam scripts from sending out mass emails out all at once. If you wish to send more than 100 emails in an hour, please submit a ticket and tell us why you will need to send out more than the maximum amount of emails allowed and we will change the limit on your account.

Shoutbox & Chat Optimisations

Shoutboxes should be optimised to not allow any sort of guest access, with a refresh rate of above 30 seconds so they are not constantly refreshing for no reason when a guest visits your shoutbox.

Any other chat systems on your account should be optimised to have minimal effects on server resources, including the prevention of spammers trying to overload your chat systems.

Should you decide to run a live chat, chat room or shoutbox on your account, you should optimize them with the recommendations above so they do not use to many server resources (exceeding the limits as stated above). Failure to do so may result in an account suspension.

By signing up to our services, you agree to all of the above terms, and that they are subject to change with or without any prior notice, so it is your responsibility to check them regularly for updates.